Top 9 Best Beer Coolers in 2020 Reviews

Drinking the chilled beverages is a unique fun and it gives an exciting feeling to your body. When you drink your favorite beverage that is not in chilled form, you will not get the full enjoyment. Whether you want to drink your favorite beer or beverage at a bar or at your home, the beer coolers will help you a lot. With the setup of a beer cooler, you can easily and quickly cool many bottles of beers or beverages simultaneously. It becomes quite easy to serve chilled beverages to customers. For home use or commercial use, the beer coolers are the best products to consider.

Before going for the purchase, you need to take into account some Key Features to consider beer cooler. Generally, these features are the capacity, durability, ease of assembly, ease of cleaning, storage arrangement, etc. A decent way to guarantee that you would always get that frosty drink within an easy reach is to use a beverage cooler. From homeowners, restaurateurs, college freshmen, winos -almost everybody can benefit from a beer cooler. Let’s look at the in-depth details of the best beer coolers to get a better idea:

List of Best Beer Coolers Reviews in 2020:

9. Sunjoy 60 Qt Cooler Wicker Decorative Pattern:

9. Sunjoy 60 Qt Cooler Wicker Decorative Pattern

Product Information:

  • By: Sunjoy Beer Coolers
  • Item Weight: 24.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 13.2 x 31.5 inches

The 60-quart capacity beer cooler from Sunjoy is made from durable construction and comes with tons of features. The Key Features to consider beer cooler from Sunjoy are its capability to a simultaneously cool number of beer bottles and durable construction. This cooler wicker is made up of a durable steel frame along with two doors. These doors offer full access to the contents. There is a bottle opener along with a bottle cap catcher linked to the side.

In order to easily remove additional water, there is a drainage hole present on the back. You need not worry about the process of assembly because it is easy and quick. Now you can bring the party with you at any place with the use of this patio cooler. This 60-quart beer cooler is stylishly colored and made up of steel.

It proves to be the perfect accessory to any outdoor events or any get-together. During summer, this beer cooler will be very much helpful because it can quickly cool many bottles of beers. Also, it will easily turn your patio to a party place.

8. Super Deal 3in1 All-Weather Cool Wicker Bar Table + Ice Bucket + Cocktail Coffee Table:

8. Super Deal 3in1 All-Weather Cool Wicker Bar Table + Ice Bucket + Cocktail Coffee Table

Product Information:

  • By: SUPER DEA Beer Coolers
  • Item Weight: –
  • Product Dimensions: –

Suggested from the product name itself, this cool wicker bar table is suitable for all weather conditions. Basically, this cooler bar table works as an affordable storage solution for home or commercial use. When you want to enjoy a party with your friends and family by drinking your favorite beverage, this product will be the best choice. It is an all-in-one product because it works as a cooler, cocktail table and also as a coffee table. It is called a 3-in-1 bar cooler because it can be used as a garden, patio or backyard accessory.

When used as a coffee table, it can perfectly adjust the post height to the lowest position. Overall appearance is made in a sleek hourglass design to work as a perfect centerpiece for summer parties.

While working as a cocktail table, its extendable tabletop easily transforms from a modern coffee table into a smooth cocktail table in an easy twist. Furthermore, the top elevates smoothly from 22 inches to 38 inches and locks in a fixed place. As a result, the chances of falling off are prevented. The versatility for different weather makes it one of the best beer coolers in the market.


7. BACKYARD EXPRESSIONS PATIO -+ HOME -+ GARDEN 909939 Wooden Beverage Cooler

Product Information:

  • By: Backyard Expressions Beer Coolers
  • Item Weight: 41.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 26.7 x 31.1 x 18.1 inches

This wooden beverage cooler is a beautiful wooden flag cooler equipped with a capacity of 57 quarts. Belonging from a reliable brand Backyard Expressions, this beer cooler serves as a perfect way to rejoice your American spirit. Wherever and whenever you want, you can enjoy the cold drink in an easy way. Its structure features the sturdy wooden construction on the front along with a rustic antique finish. This beautifully designed beer cooler is perfect for use in parties, patios, decks, pool areas, cookouts, etc.

Taking a look at its interior, there is a fully functioning insulated structure. The interior comes with a drainage spout and also there is a bottle opener on the external side. The process of assembly is easy and quick. It is known that the 57-quart capacity is capable to hold approximately 64 cans of drink.

6. Giantex 80-Quart Cooler Beer Cart:

6. Giantex 80-Quart Cooler Beer Cart

Product Information:

  • By: Giantex Beer Coolers
  • Item Weight: –
  • Product Dimensions: –

The Giantex 80-quart cooler in the present discussion helps you to serve your guests in a better way. Basically, this patio cooler cart comes with some Key Features to consider beer cooler. These features include safety, ease of cleaning, long-lasting use, and cooling capacity. Whether you want to serve your guests for the next get-together or for parties, this cooler cart is a perfect choice. It is built from a steel body to make sure it can handle the severe environment. This aspect indicates long-lasting use. In order to let it look new, there is a powder-coated finish on its surface.

For the purpose of safety, this beer cooler comes with two locking casters. The safety feature makes this product one of the best beer coolers. For outdoor use, it is the best beer cooler. There is the inclusion of an easy-fill lift off the top as well as a storage shelf. This kind of arrangement makes it perfect for daily use. To let you move it easily, there is a side handle available.


5. BACKYARD EXPRESSIONS PATIO -+ HOME -+ GARDEN 905469 Outdoor Beverage Cooler


Product Information:

  • By: Backyard Expressions Beer Coolers
  • Item Weight: 35.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 27.6 x 31 x 14.8 inches
  • Color: Rustic Brown

One of the Key Features to consider beer cooler is the type of insulation. This outdoor beverage cooler is fully insulated to make sure your drinks are kept cold longer. The availability of the side handles makes it very easy to transport. Even when the beer cooler is completely full, you need not worry about how to transport it.

This cooler comes with a capacity of 45 quart and capable to hold approx. 45 cans and ice. The lids can be easily opened. Moreover, there is a bottle opener and a drainage spout included. The mountain emblem will fit perfectly into any decor of a room.

The exterior showcases hand-made wooden construction which adds a uniquely beautiful look for outdoor use. On the other hand, the interior is insulated and there is a bottle opener on the outside part. Overall, it is found easy and quick to assemble.

4. Jasonwell 2 PCS Inflatable Serving Bars:

4. Jasonwell 2 PCS Inflatable Serving Bars

Product Information:

  • By: Jasonwell Beer Coolers
  • Item Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 8.7 x 2.6 inches

The spacious construction and foldable design make this inflatable serving bar one of the best beer coolers in this list. Jasonwell has carefully prepared it to be large and with sufficient capacity. It is large enough to store plenty of serving bowls of salad, fruit beers, drinks etc. The external dimensions and internal size are respectively 51.5” L x 24.5”W x 4.5”H and 44.1”L x 17.1” W.

It is quite quick and easy to inflate and deflate whenever needed. When not in use, you can fold this serving bar to a small size. Moreover, it is quite easy to carry around wherever you go on a short or long trip.

It is known that this Jasonwell inflatable serving bar can be used for indoors and outdoors. Also, it can float in your pool. It proves to be a wonderful addition to the summer pool party. Different occasions on which you can use it are BBQ, pool party, summer party, picnic, birthday party, wedding function, camping, etc. It can also work as an ice cooler –you simply need to fill ice into it. For several hours, your fruits, salads, soda, beers, and beverages will stay cool.

One of the best features of this beer cooler is it comes with a drain plug. This plug effortlessly drains out excess liquid or chilled water in a few seconds. It is quite easy to refill it with ice and store for future use. It is known that this inflatable serving bar is BPA-free and completely safe to use.

3. Suncast Resin Wicker Outdoor Cooler with Wheels:

3. Suncast Resin Wicker Outdoor Cooler with Wheels

Product Information:

  • By: Suncast Corporation Beer Coolers
  • Item Weight: 31 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 26 x 34 inches

The Suncast outdoor cooler as mentioned above is widely famous for its excellent portability. Basically, this decorative plastic cooler comes with a drop leaf extension which is ideal for refreshing yourself in deck, patio or backyard. For any outdoor events, this Suncast cooler is the best choice. The presence of resin makes it durable and suitable for external use.

Due to excellent versatility, this Suncast cooler is capable to keep drinks and frozen treats cool for long hours. You can store it while storing additional supplies in the cabinet. There is the availability of a functional lid that opens waist-high to offer easy access to beverages. The included wire basket is capable to hold additional bottles, cans, etc. Moreover, there is an external drainage tube that smoothly releases water for easy cleanup. Now you will be able to chill dozens of beverages with extra storage below.

One of the Key Features to consider beer cooler is portability. In this outdoor cooler, there are two locking and two non-locking casters to offer portability. It comes with a capacity of 77 quarts and suitable for serving beverages to guests.

2. NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator, 126-Can Capacity:

2. NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator, 126-Can Capacity

Product Information:

  • By: NewAir Beer Coolers
  • Item Weight: 62.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 18.2 x 33.1 inches

Whether you are planning for a party or want to store beverages in your room, this beverage cooler is a decent choice. It comes with sufficient room and five detachable racks. Moreover, there is a spacious storage bin that works perfectly for oversized cartons or bottles. The corresponding compressor cooling mechanism cools down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. There is the availability of 7 thermostat settings to make sure you can choose the perfect temperature for your drinks.

Presented in a form of freestanding unit, this cooler is durable and beautiful as well. The design features a black and stainless steel finish capable to improve your decor. There is a facility of interior LED light to easily see the contents inside. The 3.4 cubic foot is capable to hold up to 126 cans. There is a metal rack construction to provide high durability.

1. Keter 218305 Outdoor Patio Table with 7.5 Gallon Beer Cooler:

1. Keter 218305 Outdoor Patio Table with 7.5 Gallon Beer Cooler

Product Information:

  • By: Keter Beer Coolers
  • Item Weight: 13.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19.5 x 19.5 x 22.5 inches
  • Color: Espresso Brown

Known as the best beer cooler in this list of products, this cooler comes with a 7.5-gallon drink storage capacity. The included lid enlarges upwards into the table up to 10 inches. There is a drainage plug available for easy cleanup. This outdoor beer cooler is a 3-in-1 product because it can be used as a side table, patio table, and drink cooler as well. Due to all-weather protection, it is sure that this cooler would not fade in excess temperature. Right from the brown-colored design to durable construction, everything is admirable about this 7.5-gallon beer cooler.

Concluding Note:

Choosing any of these best beer coolers allows you to keep your drinks chilled for long hours. Whether you want to maintain your wine temperature or wish to keep drinks in your dorm room, these products are the best choices to consider.

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