Top 10 Best Dirt Bike Stands in 2020 Reviews

When you intend to ride on rough grounds on a frequent basis, a normal bike will not be suitable. This is because the bumps and severity of rough grounds cannot be sustained by a normal bike. For that, you will require a dirt bike. As implied from its name, it can easily ride on different terrains irrespectively of the roughness of the ground. You also need to take into account the purchase of some essential accessories and one of them is a dirt bike stand. While selecting the best dirt bike stand for your requirements, you need to first decide where you have to use it. For example, you need to decide whether to use on trails or track or the home workshop.

The Key Features to consider dirt bike stand is sturdy construction, range of height adjustment, and the price. If you overlook any of these aspects, you may end up with a wrong purchase. Those people who are looking to maintain their dirt bike, for them, the dirt bike stand are the best products. Now you will get familiar with the best dirt bike stands by reading the article below:

List 0f Top 10 Best Dirt Bike Stands in 2020 Reviews:

10. Motorcycle Jack Dirt Bike Stand – Dirt Bike Stand:

10. Motorcycle Jack Dirt Bike Stand - Adjustable Lift Hoist Table

Product Information:

  • By: Unknown Dirt Bike Stand
  • Item Weight: 13.98 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13.2 x 12.6 x 11.3 inches

The height-adjustable feature is one of the Key Features to consider dirt bike stand. This hoist table comes with fully adjustable deck height settings. These settings make sure this stand can fit most dirt bikes. The adjustable range is from 9.92 inches to 18.11 inches. Furthermore, the adjustable top plate is firmly held by a lock nut to guarantee safety. The maximum weight this bike stand can withstand is up to 330 lbs.

It is quite easy to assemble this motorcycle jack. Moreover, the safety pin is attached to the arm to make sure it won’t get misplaced. The manufacturing of this hoist table is done from premium quality steel. The issues of bike slippage are prevented by the well-built anti-slip pad. It is extremely easy to use and setup.

9. Pit Posse Off Road Universal Motorcycle Stand Dirt Bike Stand:

9. Pit Posse Off Road Universal Motorcycle Stand

Product Information:

  • By: Pit Posse Dirt Bike Stand
  • Item Weight: 7.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.2 x 16.2 x 16 inches

For performing easy repair and cleaning of your motorcycle, this product is one of the best dirt bike stands. It works perfectly for regular maintenance, oil change, and other related tasks. It will smoothly lift the bike off the ground and over the reinforced top. This top showcases a drain hole for easy and quick oil changes. There is a thick rubber pad that is resistant to gas and oil. This pad will make sure your dirt bike stays in a fixed place. As a result, it enables easy maintenance, cleaning, and repair.

Pit Posse has made this motorcycle stand in a durable aluminum reinforced construction. It comes with a 17-inch height and capable to fit the majority of the off-road bikes. Due to high durability, it will perfectly support the weight of your bike. Also, it will withstand severe weather conditions without getting corroded. The gussets present on legs avoid sinking.

8. Dirt Bike Stand Motocross Dirt Adjustable Bike:

8. Comie Motorcycle Racing Offroad Motocross Dirt Adjustable Bike

Product Information:

  • By: Comie Dirt Bike Stand
  • Item Weight: –
  • Product Dimensions: –

The durable construction is one of the Key Features to consider dirt bike stand. This Comie adjustable bike stand is made up of durable high-grade steel construction. This construction protects against corrosion. The upper surface is coated with non-slip material. It is easy to increase or decrease its height by the use of large handles. The height can be adjusted from 11.8″ to 15.7″. This adjustable bike stand can withstand a maximum load of up to 330 lbs. The use of high strength steel offers high durability.

Once loaded, the adaptable locking screws and wheels enhance safety and stability. It will easily roll on 4 durable casters. These casters make it convenient to move and store. It is possible to use it separately or with any motorcycle lift. Due to the unique lever design, it is sure that your fingers are not pinched. Your motorcycle will get repaired easily.

7. Dirt Bike Stand by Central Purchasing, Dirt Bike Stand:

7. Dirt Bike Stand by Central Purchasing, LLC

Product Information:

  • By: Central Purchasing, LLC Dirt Bike Stand
  • Item Weight: 11 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 15.2 x 16 inches

If you are looking for a portable dirt bike stand, this product is one of the best dirt bike stands. Its construction is done from a durable welded steel frame along with unbreakable sides and top. The rubber platform offers non-slip benefits and it resists oil & gas. Generally, this dirt bike stand is excellent for use at the garage, bike shop, trail, and track. You can carry out a repair or use it to display your bike.

It would lift up to 1000 lb. of weight. The height is 16 inches. There are no wobbling issues in spite of being lightweight. The capability to fit most bikes makes it an ideal choice for dirt bike riders. Also, you can present it as a gift for youths on special occasions. There are no hassles for its maintenance.

6. Pit Posse Universal Dirt Bike Stand:

6. Pit Posse Universal Dirt Bike Triangle Side Stand

Product Information:

  • By: Pit Posse Dirt Bike Stand
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 6 inches

The weight lifting ability is undoubtedly one of the Key Features to consider dirt bike stand. This triangle side stand comes with the potential to hold the weight of your bike very easily. Even the experienced dirt bike repairers use this triangle side stand. The manufacturing is done from heavy-duty steel. Also, the stand is welded for the perfect angle and sturdy joints.

Whenever you want to quickly repair your dirt bike at your convenience, this product is the best solution. It is possible to park it safely in off-road conditions. Moreover, it becomes easy to maintain your dirt bike on a regular basis. This bike stand offers a wide base for your dirt bike to incline on.

Generally, it will fit almost all rear axles. It conveniently fits 3 unique sized holes i.e. 18mm, 14.5 mm, and 11mm diameters. There is a rubber end present to avoid falling off or wiggling issues. You need not undergo installation hassles.

5. BikeMaster Easy Lift & Dirt Bike Stand:

5. BikeMaster Easy Lift & Lower Off-Road Motorcycle Jack Stand

the best dirt bike stand

Product Information:

  • By: BikeMaster Dirt Bike Stand
  • Item Weight: 15.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 12.5 x 11 inches

The aforementioned motorcycle jack stand enables flawless and regulates lifting of your particular offroad motorcycle. It comes with the damper shock which controls the decline of the motorcycle. Now you will not experience any more fall while lowering down your motorcycle. There is a facility of a fully adjustable deck height enabling a perfect fit for the majority of the bikes. With the help of a durable anti-slip pad helps, it is sure that the bike slippage issues are prevented.

The minimum and maximum collapsed heights are respectively 9.75 inches and 14.5 inches. There is the presence of the lift lever lock for exceptional security in the elevated position. Whenever this motorcycle jack stand is lifted, it would surely felt very stable. If you want to perform repairing your rear tire then this jack stand is highly useful. It comes with an easy locking mechanism for the lift arm which can be used for safety purposes.

At the offered price, this BikeMaster motorcycle jack stand is worth purchasing. There will be no problems even if you lift both wheels of your motorcycle. For the purpose of effective cleaning, you can easily apply the chain lube once washing of the bike is done.

4. liftmaster 1100 LB Dirt Bike Stand:

4. liftmaster 1100 LB Wide Deck Lift Jack Hoist Stand

Product Information:

  • By: liftmaster Dirt Bike Stand
  • Item Weight: 29.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18.3 x 11.2 x 3.8 inches

The durable construction is one of the Key Features to consider dirt bike stand. This liftmaster jack hoist stand is prepared in solid steel construction. Moreover, it comes in a black and blue powder coated finish. With the help of an easy crank operation, this jack stand delivers effective results.

Generally, this product is designed to fit the majority of the motorcycle models. Also, you can use it in your bike shop, garage or at the track. It comes with a 10.6 inch wide deck. It is even possible to lift heavy vehicles with the use of this hoist stand. There will be no hassles while pulling the front & rear wheels off.

You can place a bottle jack beneath the rear trailing arm to maintain a proper balance after elevating with this stand. It is found that the padding present on top lasts longer than that of the other models. Overall construction is made heavy-duty and long-lasting. It always comes handy while there is a need to uplift heavy motorcycles.

3. Stark Wide Deck Motorcycle ATV Dirt Bike Stand:

3. Stark Wide Deck Motorcycle ATV Center Scissor Jack

  • By: Stark USA Dirt Bike Stand
  • Item Weight: 29.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17.2 x 4.4 x 10.4 inches

The versatility makes his motorcycle scissor jack one of the best dirt bike stands in the market. It perfectly fits cruiser, street bikes, and can be used for adventure touring. Moreover, there will be no hassles while using it on different dirt bike models. The key component used in its construction is the heavy-duty steel which adds to the durability. This kind of solid construction avoids breaking, bending, and warping issues.

Overall designing is done keeping in mind the size. This is because its wide platform encompasses a huge area. Also, it conveniently spans the gaps present between frame rails or the contacting more surface region on belly pans.

Now you can safely park your motorcycle or can slide your jack into position below and then lift away. It comes with a maximum weight capacity of 1100 lbs. You can use it underneath your police motorcycle and it performs excellently. Also, you can use a front tire restraining device to make sure that your heavy motorcycle perfectly stays in place.

2. YITAMOTOR Dirt Bike Stand:

2. YITAMOTOR Adjustable Dirt Bike Motorcycle Lift Stand

Product Information:

  • By: YITAMOTOR Dirt Bike Stand
  • Item Weight: 15.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 10.2 x 12.2 inches

This YITAMOTOR adjustable motorcycle lift stand comes with a maximum weight lifting capacity of 330 lbs. The huge lever design prevents pinched fingers as well as the strained shoulders from elevating your bike. The entire construction is done from powder finished high-grade steel. This steel material adds to the stability.

There is the presence of a well-built anti-slip pad to avoid slippage issues. Also, it avoids corrosion. Within a few minutes, you can quickly complete the process of assembly. The fully adjustable deck height makes sure this dirt bike stand fits most bikes.

1. Dirt Bike Stand:

1. OrionMotorTech Dilated Scissor Lift Jack

Product Information:

  • By: OrionMotorTech Dirt Bike Stand
  • Item Weight: 27.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 27.1 pounds

Equipped with all essential features, this OrionMotorTech lift jack is the best dirt bike stand in this list. If you are looking for a stable dirt bike stand that is capable to lift your vehicle and perform easy cleaning then this product is for you. It comes with a facility of adjustment of wheel alignment during lifting. The package includes this jack, extra long sleeve handle (3/4″ hex), and a user manual.

The working process seems great once you comprehend that the higher you crank it up the shakier anything gets. For any lightweight or bulky dirt bike, this lift jack is a perfect solution. If you own a vintage BMW then it can be difficult to get over the center stand. When you use this jack, you will admire its strength and well-made construction.

Concluding Note:

Any of these best dirt bike stands will be capable to flawlessly lift heavy bikes and elevate them to high height. It is sure that even after raising your dirt bike will stay stable without any wobbling issues.

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